Small studio apartment in white and grey

Need an inspiration for your own studio apartment? Well look no more!

I fell in love with this dreamy monochrome home gem right away. It’s located in Gothenburg, Sweden and it’s full of natural light, living plants and vintage details – all of them coexisting side by side in less than 40 square meters.


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Small studio apartment in white and grey

MALKITE 5: co-creating, co-laughing, co-loving

“Coworking is a style of work that involves a shared working environment, often an office, and independent activity. […] Coworking is also the social gathering of a group of people who are still working independently, but who share values, and who are interested in the synergy that can happen from working with people who value working in the same place alongside each other.” / source: Wikipedia


Enough with the terminology, let me tell you a bit about a special place called Malkite 5.

Malkite 5 is a coworking space in Sofia, Bulgaria.

It’s situated in a spacious apartment where the wood flooring is actually a storyteller from the 1920’s and the huge amount of natural light is a proper reason to just sit back and enjoy the atmosphere without thinking about anything else.

I met the lovely hosts Tsveta and Yasen over a coffee and had the chance to talk to them about the space, the DIY furniture they built themselves, the creative community in Sofia and… you know, good burgers. Here are some details from their space, which, according to them is both for cocreating and colaughing. Following my instincts, I decided to also add “coloving” to their list. You’re about to find out why.

The Poster. Although they admit that at first it was a love-hate-love case, eventually they started to like the leopard dog more and more each day. Having a completely out-of-the-box element in your otherwise minimal interior is always a good idea, so be brave.



What’s the secret ingredient for a perfect workspace?

That’s a question I didn’t have to ask because the moment you enter the place, you already know the answer. Love. As simple as it might sound, if you don’t invest your heart and your whole being in the things you do, then what’s the point?

The aristocratic atmosphere of the place is so well preserved that you feel literally at home with each step you take. I love the big glass jar combined with those tiny lights – perfect for a cozy dinner with your fellow co-workers.

When the official opening of Malkite 5 was announced, one of the things that grabbed my attention was the tempting offer for the people who want to share a working space together – they could basically do whatever they want, from getting a subscription to various magazines to even getting a cat. Anything, as long as they’re happy and constantly motivated. The cat is not a part of their community yet, but a whole stack of magazines is, and it’s the perfect company for coffee pauses and the necessary daily dose of inspiration.

The little magazine keeper in the living room.
Coffee and company.

Besides being a shared workspace for creative heads, Malkite 5 has other great plans for the future as well. The main mission of Tsveta and Yasen is to create a community of people who share the same work ethic, who persue the same goals and who laugh at the same jokes. Turns out that it’s way easier than you think.

Probably my favorite spot – two desks and two chairs in the classic wood + white combo, with a hint of color.
More mint please.
It’s really hard (but not impossible) to find such a long wood plank to bild a desk with, so if this is on your workspace to-do list, don’t give up. This entire desk is handcrafted, including the legs.
A classic vintage library for more aristocratic vibes.
A witty interpretation of a motivational poster.
Another vintage element – I love the contrast between the contemporary looking desk and the old chair.

And last but not least – if you’re looking for inspiration for your own workspace, find the things that make you happy and put all your love in the creative process – trust me, that’s the only advice you need.

Words of wisdom in a wooden crate or just another proof that everything at Malkite 5 is there for a reason. P.S. Notice the mint bucket?

“You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.”



You can find Malkite 5 here, on Facebook and on Instagram.

If you’re planning on visiting Sofia, make sure to go and say “hi” at 57 Neofit Rilski str.

MALKITE 5: co-creating, co-laughing, co-loving