10 easy (and cheap!) DIY ideas for your last-minute Valentine’s Day decoration game

Let me guess: Valentine’s Day is knocking on your door and you’re still looking for a proper DIY decoration for your love nest (plus, you’re also on a tight budget)? If that does sound like you, look no more – I’ll help you out!

As someone who’s always doing literally everything in the last moment, I can totally feel your struggle. Good news though – I found 10 perfect DIY ideas for the upcoming holiday, so you don’t have to look for them yourself! They’re super cute, easy, and, most of all, quick to make, so you won’t need to sacrifice more than 2 episodes of your favorite Netflix show (you’re welcome). Enough with the words, here they are – 10 easy (and cheap!) DIY ideas for your last-minute Valentine’s Day decoration game:


Recycled Chalkboard Valentine Tin

A fun and creative reuse idea for your Valentine’s Day, made by Amy from Maker Mama. All you need is a thrifted tin, sandpaper, chalkboard spray paint, chalk maker and my personal favorite part – candy! Head over to DIY candy for the full ‘recipe’.


DIY Mason Jar Heart Candles

You love candles and you happen to have 1-2 spare mason jars lying around your kitchen? Why not combine both? To make these beautiful Valentine’s Day treats, you’re going to need spray paint, 1-2 ribbons, painter’s tape, box cutter knife or a scalpel, permanent marker, string lights/flameless candles/tea lights and, of course – jars by your choice. Easy, right? Find the full tutorial on Rustic Baby Chic.


DIY Love Sign

Despite being a monochrome lover and enjoying mostly the white + black + grey combo, I just can’t stop looking at this gorgeous golden LOVE sign (I have a secret obsession with sequins, shh)! It’s super easy to make and it sure looks like a lot of fun, so I suggest to give it a try – you can even make it in another color if gold is not your cup of tea. For this one in particular you’re going to need wooden letters (pro tip: cardboard ones will do, too), gold discs/sequins, gold thumb tacks and gold Krylon paint. Learn how to make it on POPCOSMO.


Valentine’s Day Tree

Quick, simple and yet the perfect touch to your Scandinavian home – that’s the Valentine’s Day Tree that I stumbled upon Simply Kierste‘s page! Supplies needed: cardstock, baker’s twine, pitcher and some branches that I’m sure you can find in your backyard. Find the directions here and have fun!


Valentine’s Day Felt Garland

Felt wool balls, needle and a long string or thread – these are the only items you need to make this cute Valentine’s Day felt garland. If you have a kid and want to double the fun of making this holiday decoration, I suggest that you join forces and make this beauty altogether! The instructions are waiting for you on The Turquoise Home.


DIY Valentine’s Day Arrow Art

Wooden art made easy – no artistic skills needed! Jessica from Cutesy Crafts has made sure that you won’t spend too much time working on your Valentine’s Day decoration with few simple tricks that you can steal (and a great bonus – design printout!). Checklist for the arrow art: design printout (optional, you can totally use your own imagination for this), 2 x 1/4 inch thick boards, sand paper or sanding block, wood stain, rags and gloves, wood glue, white paint pen, varnish or other clear top coat. Make it by following these simple steps. Note: if this is your weapon of choice for this holiday, hurry up – you’ll need to let the glue dry overnight, so you have to take care of the preparation in time.


Valentine’s Day Wreath

This Valentine’s Day wreath is the perfect option if you’re on a really tight budget and would rather spend your money on wine and chocolate than investing in decoration. If you have some leftover red Christmas wrap tissue paper and some cardboard, then you’re all set! Well, these two items plus a hot glue gun, white satin ribbon and red paint. Let Linda from It All Started With Paint tell you the rest.


DIY “I Only Have Eyes For You” Valentine’s Day Card

Honestly, I wouldn’t call myself a big fan of DIY cards, simply because I’ve rarely seen proper examples of quality work. BUT, just like everything else in life, there are exceptions. A huge surprise was that DIY Valentine’s Day card that you can give to your loved ones, whether it’s your boyfriend, girlfriend, or basically anyone from your close friends circle. To create this masterpiece, you’re going to need a blank cardstick-on “googly eyes”, paint and a small paintbrush. For more details, head over to Kendall-Jackson.


DIY Tin Lanterns

If you’re naturally a crafty person, then this one’s for you! I love these Valentine’s Day tin lanterns, and not only because they cost less than a $1 each. The only things you need are 1-2 large cans, wire clothes hanger, white spray paint, some tools and steady hands (obviously). Another great purpose of these DIY lanterns is that you can use them for various occasions – Valentine’s Day, birthdays, garden parties, summer evenings, picnics or even weddings. They might be cheap but they surely don’t look that way. Find out how to make them on Bren Did.


Valentine’s Day Oreo Pops

Finally, what’s Valentine’s Day without chocolate? If you’re hosting a holiday party or just want to surprise your loved ones with a creative dessert – this is my suggestion. These yummy Valentine’s Day Oreo Pops are easy to make and ready in no time! Keep on hand Oreo cookies, 4″ lollipop sticks, candy melts, sprinkles, microwave-safe cups, parchment paper and disposable candy piping bag (optional). Check out the recipe on Happiness Is Homemade.


That’s my Top 10 of cheap and easy Valentine’s Day deco ideas – I hope that I was helpful and you found the inspiration you needed to sparkle up your home a bit (yes, you still have time for that)! Now crawl out of your blanket fort and start crafting!

In the meantime I’m curious – what’s on your holiday decoration list? Feel free to share in the comments below.


10 easy (and cheap!) DIY ideas for your last-minute Valentine’s Day decoration game

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