Wheels & Interiors

One of my best kept secrets is that, despite being 27, I still can’t ride a bike. I’ve tried it before but it didn’t quite work out as I imagined, so I decided that it’s probably not for me, or at least not yet. However, I love looking at vintage bicycles, I love looking at people riding them, and I just appreciate the whole beauty from a safe distance.

Since I’m constantly on the look out for interior inspiration, I decided to give a few pieces of advice to those of you who can actually ride a bike but are struggling with finding a good spot for it at home. Believe it or not, a pretty bicycle might look even better in your bedroom than in the hallway, so you don’t have to hide it – embrace its beauty instead.

Take a look at these ideas for combining your friend with other interior items at your home.


An almost invisible bike rack that can give your room a minimal look while saving you space at the same time. /source


One of the best locations for storing your bicycle is in front of a blank wall, preferably close to a balcony. /source


A bike rack and a bookshelf? Not only it’s possible but it also looks clean and simple, especially when placed in a living room. /source


Matching colors! Find a small detail from your room and place your bike nearby to match its color with the chosen item. Ideas: posters, paintings, plants, books and even your bedding. As long as it’s a match, you’re all set! /source


If you’re not actively using it, you can use your bike as a painting or any other piece of art, because, let’s face it – it’s as pretty as that. Hang it above your cabinet, your favorite chair or your couch – it will give your room the cozy touch you need, without making it look small. /source


If you like the items in your home to be more DIY-looking and if your bike is stable enough, you can try this simple storage idea. Perfect for books, magazines, and, of course, for the role of “the chair” where you can put the clothes you don’t really need right now but you’re too lazy to put in the closet. /source


Feel free to share your ideas in the comment section below, but before that there’s one more thing you can do. Take your bike with you, go outside and enjoy the ride!

Wheels & Interiors

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